“craft beer”とは何だろう brewdogの場合 ②

“craft beer”とはなんだろう?
そのモヤモヤした感じは誰にでもあって、その一つとしてBrewdogの提案を以前ご紹介しました。その続きがありますので、見てみましょう。“DEFINING CRAFT BEER TAKE 2”と題された2013年11月13日のブログで、前回の提案から1ヶ月ほど後の話です。

“craft beer”を定義することの必要性を強く訴えている文章なのですが、その理由としてこういうものを挙げています。

There is also strong precedent for legally defining Craft Beer. Legal definitions are everywhere and are designed to protect a product’s reputation from poor imitations.



We believe a definition is important for the following reasons:

Firstly, to protect craft brewers and what we are all working hard to build. Secondly to help retailers promote craft beer and structure their offerings to enable strong growth in the category. Thirdly, to help guide consumers and ensure they are protected from being exploited by monolithic mega corporations masquerading as craft brewers. Fourthly to enable true craft brewers to charge a fair and sustainable price for their beers. Fifthly, to enable the category to grow as strongly in the UK as it has in America.



We propose that the definition of craft beer is a beer brewed by a craft brewer at a craft brewery. The challenge then becomes around defining craft brewer and not craft beer. Our new proposed definition is as follows:

A European Craft Brewery:

1) Is Authentic

a) brews all their beers at original gravity.

b) does not use any adjuncts to lessen flavour and reduce costs.

2) Is Honest

a) All ingredients are clearly listed on the label of all of their beers.

b) The place where the beer is brewed is clearly listed on all of their beers.

c) All their beer is brewed at craft breweries.

3) Is Independent

Is not more than 20% owned by a brewing company which operates any brewery which is not a craft brewery.

4) Is Committed

If the brewer has an estate, at least 90% of the beer they sell must be craft beer.



Craft beer needs a definition, and that definition needs something tangible and solid. Everyone who brews, drinks and cares about great beer will be stronger as a result. We want a definition to be recognised by SIBA and also at a European level by The Brewers of Europe Association.

SIBAおよびThe Brewers of Europeというのはビールに関する大きな団体のことで、前者がイギリス、後者は欧州全体のものです。(ここでは詳しく触れませんが、気になる方はリンクを貼っておきますので公式HPを見てみてください。当ブログでもこちらの記事で少しだけご紹介しました。)簡単に言うと、権威ある団体にこの定義を容認してもらい、お墨付きが欲しいということです。